I have worked with Shirley over the past 5 years and it has always been a pleasure. Shirley is very talented in conveying the correct messaging for a business that is being promoted, in our case the Weather Market, and is extremely professional and hard working. She is also very good at networking, putting together the right people in order to achieve the desired business goal at hand. Many times Shirley has made valuable referrals and introductions to several publications, which in turn have helped our business to grow.

Christina Hanson
Associate Director

“I worked with Shirley Savage for 7 years in her role as the PR agent for the Weather Risk Management Association (WRMA), the industry trade group for the weather protection market. In her time with WRMA, Shirley generated strong exposure for our industry which I would count as vital to its growth. As the weather risk industry is fairly new, WRMA needed a PR professional who would not only utilize traditional methods of creating media interest but also someone with the creativity to craft and sell our message through newer, more innovative channels and media. In short, Shirley was that person and the job she did was terrific. She is smart, hard working, a consummate professional and truly fun to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to hire her again, either for WRMA or for my own company.”


Martin R Malinow

CEO, Galileo Weather

Board Member and Past President, WRMA

“I have worked with Shirley Savage directly over the past 11 years and have had ample opportunity to observe her integrity, strong work ethic and sunny disposition. She has been a pleasure to work with on the associations I have represented -- HEDNA, the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association, and the Weather Risk Management Association -- and I have experienced firsthand her dedication and attention to detail. In so many instances she has contributed to the association and made my job so much easier. Further, she is a proactive thinker, and always looking for ways to improve our communications through new and innovative ways. I recommend her highly!”

Valerie Cooper, CAE